Jacob Warren ’17: St. Paul’s is a Place Where Young Men Thrive and Grow

Jacob Warren is attending United States Military Academy at West Point. While at St. Paul’s he was a member of the Cum Laude Society, Service Learning Honor Society. Service Learning Council, Spanish Honor Society and an athlete. He was the editor of the yearbook and received the Thomas N. Longstreth Award for citizenship.  Here is what Jacob shared about his years at St. Paul’s:

High school is the time where young men are at their most impressionable point, so the environment they are put in is paramount to their future success. St. Paul’s is a place where students learn, grow, and begin to thrive as young men. My time at St. Paul’s has been special, but not for the reasons many would assume. I am blessed to have had various academic and athletic successes, but the certificates and trophies could never replace the people I have met. Every classmate, teacher, and coach has made my time on this hill nothing short of amazing.

My first time visiting St. Paul’s, Mr. Hawley greeted me with the warmest embrace and immediately made me feel comfortable in a daunting environment. On my first day of high school, I met many teachers that made it clear that they were there for me. They have helped me navigate the intimidating waters of the college process and have provided invaluable insight into so many different aspects of life. From my history teacher’s past military service to my college counselor’s perspective as a mother of two adopted children, I have established so many connections with so many wonderful people that I will carry with me forever.

While my teachers have obviously been a huge part of my St. Paul’s experience, I would be remiss to not acknowledge my classmates. As a freshman, I was scared. I was never the smartest, nor the most athletic, and lacked all ability to be creative in the arts. Where would I fit in? St. Paul’s does a tremendous job in filling grades with diverse students, making it impossible for any person to feel alone. We as a grade provide the strongest support group. One of my favorite memories from this past year has been finding out where my peers will be heading off to for college. I have truly loved sharing in their exciting decisions and will always remember how great they made me feel as I went through the process myself.

Like most schools, St. Paul’s has great academics and competitive sports teams. We house a great arts program and provide so many opportunities. However, what made my St. Paul’s experience so special was the people that enriched my everyday life. I could not be more thankful for my time at St. Paul’s and I will always remember my time at this amazing place.

Jill Wagoner

Jill Wagoner

Mrs. Wagoner is the Director of Strategic Communications for St. Paul's. She came to the School in 2015 and previously spent three years as Director of Communications and Marketing at an independent school in North Carolina. She also has experience working for a full-service marketing firm and a daily newspaper. She can be reached at jwagoner@stpaulsschool.org

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