Michael Ward ’17: Experiences and Friends to Cherish for a Lifetime

While as St. Paul’s Michael Ward ’17 was an exemplary student, athlete, singer and actor. Michael was the captain of the varsity basketball team, held the lead role in the musical “Hairspray,” was a member of the Concert Chorale and Chamber Choir, President of the Black Awareness Club and earned the Stephen H. Stoelting Memorial Basketball Award. Michael shared his St. Paul’s experience:

My experience at St. Paul’s has helped me build a foundation for myself as I go into the world. I have been able to learn alongside many different kinds of students with many different kinds of learning habits and I know this will help me understand and interact with a multitude of different people in the future.

St. Paul’s has also given me so many opportunities to help me grow as an individual. I have been singing in the school choir since the 5th grade and my reading and vocal skills have improved more than I would have ever imagined. I also had the opportunity to travel and sing with the choir to Germany and Austria and I will forever be grateful of this opportunity. I now plan on singing in my college choir, for I have discovered a talent I never knew I had.

I started acting at St. Paul’s in the 8th grade, due to the request of one of my teachers, and I immediately fell in love with singing and dancing in front of people. Singing in front of 300 people, while trying to memorize choreography is one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I am so glad that I have done it. I have become more vocal and confident because of this.

I have taken leadership courses outside of school and St. Paul’s has allowed me to undertake many leadership positions to put my training to work. Most importantly, St. Paul’s has allowed me to meet some of the most amazing people. I have come across many teachers that care so much about me and my progress, as well as teachers who have so much knowledge to offer, that all I want to do is listen to them speak.

Lastly, I have made some very good friends throughout my years here, and I will cherish my friendships forever.

Michael Ward ’17

Jill Wagoner

Jill Wagoner

Mrs. Wagoner is the Director of Strategic Communications for St. Paul's. She came to the School in 2015 and previously spent three years as Director of Communications and Marketing at an independent school in North Carolina. She also has experience working for a full-service marketing firm and a daily newspaper. She can be reached at jwagoner@stpaulsschool.org

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