Promoting Healthy Relationships Through Education and Empowerment

1 in 3 WOMEN. 1 in 4 MEN.


At St. Paul’s we believe that together, we can make an impact on young people.  As part of our health education program and ongoing commitment to prevention and wellness, we have invited the One Love Foundation to raise awareness about dating violence and educate students and parents about warning signs and intervention strategies.

The One Love Foundation was created in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, a UVA senior whose life tragically ended as a result of relationship violence.  After her death, Yeardley’s family and friends were surprised to learn the statistics – that 1 in 3 women in this country will be in a violent relationship at some point in her lifetime and that young women ages 16-24 are at three times greater risk.  One Love’s Escalation workshop (part film and part guided discussion) will provide students and parents an opportunity to speak openly in a safe space about the issue of relationship abuse and how it relates to their lives. 

The goal is to promote healthy relationships by educating, empowering, and activating young people in a movement for social change. In partnering with One Love, St. Paul’s School and St. Paul’s School for Girls will be hosting a program on February 8  to educate our students and parents to recognize the subtle, yet disturbing signs of relationship abuse and speak up and act when they witness these warning signs.

Jacqueline Villet

Jacqueline Villet

Jackie joined the St. Paul’s faculty in 2011 and serves as the Upper School Counselor, Health teacher, and Student Support Services Department Chair. She also serves as the Health & Wellness Committee Chair and advisor for the Peer Leadership program. Prior to St. Paul’s, Jackie was the School Counselor and Academic Support Coordinator at the Shoshana S. Cardin School in Baltimore. She received a B.B.A in marketing from University of Massachusetts in Amherst and her MS in School Counseling from the Johns Hopkins University in 2005.

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