Reading Aloud Provides The Foundation for Success

Reading aloud to and with children is widely recognized as one of the most important activities for learning and language development. It builds memory, motivation, and curiosity as well as stimulating language.

With more than 20 years experience teaching in public and independent schools, Kathy Wagner has been teaching pre-first grade for more than a decade at St. Paul’s School. She provides the following tips to parents of young readers.



Reading Tips for Parents from Pre-First Teacher Kathy Wagner:

Read daily to your child and have your child read daily to you.
Read fiction, non-fiction or poetry. Use expression while reading.

literacy-st-paulsBe a good role model.
Let your child see you reading regularly.

Create a home library.
Choose a variety of titles.

Encourage activities that require reading.
Cooking (reading a recipe)
Playing a board game (reading directions)

Introduce new vocabulary.
At an art exhibit, use the word “landscape.”
At a pizza restaurant, use the phrase “kneading dough.”

Write stories.
Ask your child to recount an experience or make up a story. Write down his/her words or have your child write down the words. Your child should then point to and read the words that have been written.

Click here for a literacy tool kit from the American Association of Pediatrics.

Jill Wagoner

Jill Wagoner

Mrs. Wagoner is the Director of Strategic Communications for St. Paul's. She came to the School in 2015 and previously spent three years as Director of Communications and Marketing at an independent school in North Carolina. She also has experience working for a full-service marketing firm and a daily newspaper. She can be reached at

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